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We create Beauty & Joy and cultivate Gratitude towards life.

Orange Carry started the sustainable livelihood movement by teaching helpless women in the villages to sew and bead in Indonesia in 2008. We provide the women with material and equipment, teach them to design and make and also help them to sell their products through our team of volunteers' personal network. Urban people are surprised to see how lovely these beaded bags are, which are made immersely with patience and the love for beauty.

Our program has evolved, from our initial initiative to create extra pocket money for the poor to current program that provides constant income to more than 50 artisans. Orange Carry came a long way, we carry our beliefs through hardwork and determination, plus financial support using our personal savings, donations from our friends and relatives plus funds from organisation and manage to develop range of products that are exquisite, good quality and well accepted in the market.

Our  dedicated team of craftsmen produce quality handcrafted beaded handbags, beaded purses, beaded pouches, beaded evening bags and also beaded lifestyle products like: coasters, table runners, teapot covers and boxes. Beautiful and colourful glass beads are hand-stitched onto the motifs of Batik and Japanese cloth, like painting  glitter pastels on canvas, adding a 3 dimensional uniqueness and brilliantly  coloured patterns to our products. An intricate process that infuses a beauty of its own onto the fabrics.

Orange Carry creates bead embroidery distinctive products. A quality beadwork company that carries originality and humanity. We create beautiful products, bring joy to the poor and cultivate gratitude towards life by helping the women in the villages. It is a brand with a big heart - Branded Designer Beaded Bag!

We are currently retailing our artisans handicraft - beaded bags and products in retail shops in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. We are currently looking for regional retailers/distributors as our business partners in expanding our international distribution channels, selling more of our products and helping more unfortunate people. Please contact sales@orangecarry.com for more detailed products information.


Shop today - Bring joy to you and your loved ones and make an impact on the lives of the artisans!

We are having limted time promotion now. All prices listed in this website are Discounted Price to promote awareness to our Orange Carry building sustainable livelihood for women movement.

Please buy an product from our retail shops or online and recommend us to your friends and family. We need your support.


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