Beaded Batik Pouch, 5 Layer, with cloth strap

Beaded Batik Pouch, 5 Layer, with cloth strap

Fabric Selection: K06
Product Code: 5 Compartments - Tulip Vintage Batik
Reward Points: 600
Price: US$29.90 Ex Tax: US$29.90

This 5 compartment design pouch is made with vintage Batik. Colourful beads are hand embroidered onto the surface to give a 3-dimensional effect. This masterpiece not only reflects art of Asian beadwork but also the design influence from Europe where tulip and peony are commonly used in the making of motifs on the Batik.

For party-goers that like funky pieces, you can also use this heritage rich, Beaded Batik Pouch as a clutch bag. Totally awesome!

Size of this purse is able to put in a 5.7" Display, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 easily.

Dimension (cm)
Length x Breadth x Thickness 20 x 10 x 2.5
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