Eye-catching and dazzling Beaded Accessories Cases from OrangeCarry - Beaded outer cover with inner padded lining for protecting your cell phone, laptop, ipad, tablet and other. Beautiful and colourful glass beads are hand-stitched onto the motifs of Batik and Japanese fabric used to make these cases. There is a wide selection available.

We can custom made specially for you. It will be uniquely yours. However please take note that all custom made pieces require at least 4-6 weeks as the craftsmen need long time to complete the bead embroidery. Please email us your design at and we will provide you with a quotation. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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  • Beaded Batik iPad mini Pouch - 2 compartment
    This 2 compartment design pouch is made with vintage Batik. Colourful beads are hand embroidered onto the surface to give a 3-dimensional effect. This masterpiece not only reflects art of Asian beadwork but also the design influence from Europe where tulip and peony are commonly used ..
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